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Protecting Life & Property

Protecting Life & Property

Serving La Crosse, WI & The Tri-State Area


Utilize the best fire prevention methods in the industry

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Contact Us To Prevent Commercial Kitchen Fires

The greatest single cause of fires in restaurant kitchens is the over-heating of cooking oils and fats.

We have fire-prevention methods

for you to keep your kitchen safe.

Range Guard, Badger Fire Protection's Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System, uses KARBALOY, the superior wet chemical agent first developed over 37 years ago. Range Guard was the FIRST, and remains the BEST!


Range Guard systems guard against:

- Facility damage

- Potential injury or personnel and patrons

- Lost profits due to business interruption


Range Guard systems assure:

- Quick fire detection and suppression

- 24-hour, continual fire protection

- Superior wet chemical coverage that quickly suppresses fires and prevents reflash

This could mean everything to the success of your business. Rely on Range Guard for:

-Rapid fire detection with state-of-the-art heat detectors

-Removal of heat source as Range Guard system automatically turns off appliances

-Immediate fire suppression as wet chemical agent is sprayed on hazard area with special nozzles designed to give optimal coverage; wet agent provides superior saponification, which quickly snuffs flames and prevents reflash

-Quick, easy clean up once appliances have cooled, the agent can be easily wiped away from equipment

Fast and reliable fire suppression

A-1 Fire (Range-Guard 4)

Easy and affordable to install and maintain

-Range Guard systems offer maximum protection with minimum maintenance

-Range Guard's pre-engineered systems are more cost effective because flexible, versatile system components save on hardware and instillation costs

-Range Guard system recharging is fast and economical; great for keeping maintenance costs low

-Range Guard nozzles can be placed outside the appliance perimeter for ease of installation


Range Guard gives you optimal control and lots of choices:

- Fire suppression using automatic and/or manual operation modes

- Range Guard systems are designed to easily fit in any kitchen layout

- Range Guard strives to utilize existing system components to implement updates and improvements, making innovations and upgrades more cost effective


Features of the system:

-Designed to address the total fire hazard

-Flexible piping configurations

-Choice of black, chrome plated and stainless steel piping or stainless steel/brass tubing

-Operating and storage temperature 0°F (-18°C) to 120°F (49°C)

-Factory filled stored pressure cylinders with chrome plated valves

-Valves incorporate pressure gauges for at a glance readiness status

-Cylinders can be piped together to minimize installation cost

-Six temperature heat detectors available for precise hazard specifications

-Easily identifiable smaller nozzles with integral strainers and foil bursting discs to protect against blockage during discharge

-Swivel adaptors available for nozzles

-Optional stainless steel enclosure

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