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Protecting Life & Property

Protecting Life & Property

Serving La Crosse, WI & The Tri-State Area


Innovative compliance reporting to make your life easier

Whether you're a service company, building owner, property manager, or a fire and safety official, Building Reports makes it easier, quicker, and more convenient than ever to conduct fire safety inspections and share important information.

Eliminate manual, paper inspection reporting with BuildingReports’ easy to use scan and reporting tools.  Along with an online database of safety equipment and national and local safety regulations, BuildingReports makes safety compliance reporting more efficient and accurate.


BuildingReports’ easy to use scan and reporting tools, combined with an online database of safety equipment and national and local safety regulations, takes the pain out of manual paper inspection reporting for service companies.


Using a simple, point-and-scan process, inspectors can easily scan safety equipment, complete a building system inspection in less time than paper-based inspection and in real-time deliver an online, comprehensive inspection report to the building owner that can be securely accessed at any point.


Build credibility

Above all, building owners need assurance that safety inspections are completed timely, accurately and completely. Using BuildingReports’ Third Party Verification process ensures that your reports are certified accurate and that your clients can place their trust in your organization as inspection professionals.


Generate client loyalty

Through BuildingReports’ web services solution, you create a secure, easily accessed and branded portal for your clients to access their inspection report history. By bringing clients to your site repeatedly, it builds stronger awareness for the services you perform and offers opportunity for you to promote the additional support you can provide.


Access to nationwide opportunities

Organizations with large and geographically disbursed building assets often look for a single inspection source to manage safety compliance across its multiple locations.With hundreds of leading service companies part of the nationwide BuildingReports network, we are increasingly called on to offer this service to building owners.


By partnering with BuildingReports you gain access to these opportunities in your region without the time and expense of maintaining your own partnerships with other local inspection organizations.

Service Companies

Call today to make your fire inspections and compliance reportings easier than ever:



Compliance Reporting Has Never Been So Easy

Inspect buildings more quickly than ever and share information in real time with Building Reports.

Building Owners / Property Managers

Accurate, verifiable and easily accessible inspection reports are essential to your operations.  BuildingReports ensures that your building’s fire and life safety systems work properly and are in compliance through its advanced technology and reporting solutions.


Through accurate, verifiable and easily accessible inspection reporting, BuildingReports can help building owners and property managers ensure that the fire and life safety systems installed at their location are working and in compliance with local regulatory standards. BuildingReports’ comprehensive solutions verify that inspectors have completed their inspections thoroughly and accurately.


Intelligent system analysis

BuildingReports’ intelligent reporting system not only provides comprehensive data on every device inspected, it also provides other features to help you get an accurate picture of all your fire and life safety systems. You can easily find failed devices, the reason they failed, proposed solutions, pricing, and even codes and standards that address the device failures.


Online access to building compliance history

Forget filing cabinets and searching for old reports. All the inspection reports for your property are stored online and accessible 24/7. All compliance data is stored on our secure web-servers, backed up daily and archived off-site. For security purposes, all compliance data for your property is encrypted and only accessible by you and your service company.


Single-source of multi-location qualified inspectors

Whether responsible for a single facility or multiple buildings across a campus, region or the entire country, BuildingReports is the best, most trusted solution available. With hundreds of the top service companies in the BuildingReports network, all using a common, comprehensive, accurate and verifiable inspection system, BuildingReports can help you find the right organization to meet your safety inspection needs, regardless of location, size or complexity of facilities involved.

Fire and Safety Officials

By centralizing reports in one location, you quickly get an overview of all the inspections taking place in your jurisdiction and can view the details of all devices inspected at each facility.  BuildingReports ensures easy access to the detailed reports you need to enforce safety regulations.


By enabling inspection companies to deliver consistently formatted inspection reports directly to your jurisdiction’s web portal, where standardized reports are automatically and instantly generated, you no longer need to spend time trying to interpret different report formats or decipher bad handwriting. With BuildingReports, you can quickly and easily get a compliance overview of all inspections taking place in your jurisdiction.


Increase inspection department productivity

Increase productivity and reduce the costs associated with your own internal paper forms by replacing them with BRForms electronic forms. Simply fill out the electronic forms on your handheld device or through our web interface. Next, link your department's forms to inspection reports from service companies. The completed forms are stored online and available for viewing, editing, or email distribution with any web browser. It’s that simple.

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